Storm Roof Damage in Chanhassen MN

After a storm has rolled through your neighborhood, whether in Minneapolis-St Paul or one of the suburbs like Chanhassen MN, Honest Exteriors is the company to call for roof inspections and storm damage repair. Our experience not only with roof repairs as well as exterior services involving siding and gutters means we can handle all aspects of storm damage repair, from roof replacements to new windows.

All About Storm Damage in Chanhassen and Twin Cities MN

At Honest Exteriors, one of our company values is the education of our local clients, so let’s answer some common questions about storm damage repairs that many local homeowners have.

  • Is a roof inspection needed after a storm?

    The short answer is yes because storm roof damage can sometimes be invisible to the naked eye, only resulting in leaks and interior damage later on. A reputable roofing company like Honest Exteriors should perform all inspections to get the best deal on insurance claims.

  • What do I do after a storm damage home inspection?

    Your inspection should come with a detailed estimate of all roof repairs and home exterior damage repairs that you can present to your homeowners insurance company to get your repair services covered.

  • What if my insurance won’t cover storm damage repairs?

    A reputable company like Honest Exteriors offers financing options on all repair services so that you can fix your home after a storm.

  • Who do I trust for a roof inspection and roofing work after a storm in Chanhassen MN? Honest Exteriors

    As the local leader in roofing and home exterior repairs in Minnesota, Honest Exteriors is the full service storm damage repair company to call after a storm. Not only can we do the work, but we can also perform roof inspections, help with insurance claims, and provide financing options.

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