Roof Repair

Your roof is the main protection for your home, and when it has leaks or other roofing problems, the only answer is professional roof repair services. To get the best in roofing services, you need honest roof repair contractors to see you through it.

Honest Exteriors: Roof Repair Experts in Minneapolis MN

Though there are several roofing companies around Minnetonka, Carver, Hennepin, and Minneapolis areas, Honest Exteriors offers the most comprehensive home exterior and roof repair services. With decades of experience in roofing and home exterior improvements, the honest exteriors team can tackle even the worst storm damage to your roof, siding, gutters, or windows.

Roof Repair Services You Can Trust from MN’s Best Roofing Contractors

  • Roof Leak Repairs

    There are a lot of causes for roof leaks ranging from shoddy roof installation to storm damage, but every roof leak needs a professional roofer to diagnose the source and apply an appropriate repair solution.

    The most trusted roofers in your local area will have experience tackling all sorts or roof damage, so they can seal up roof leaks, replace damaged roofing materials, and even help you finance a brand new roof if you need one.

  • Roof Shingle Repairs

    While proper roof installation ensures that shingles are securely fastened to roof decking, high winds, storms, or hail can damage roof shingles. Individual shingles can be ripped away or shifted, which opens up the roof to water and causes leaks. Hail can dent and shift shingles as well.

    Your trusted roofing contractor can replace shingles with high-quality shingles that closely match existing roofing. If there is too much shingle damage, roof replacement is a better option.

  • Storm Damage Roof Repair

    When a storm rolls through town, it can really do a number on your roof: denting roof materials, sending debris onto the roof, tearing away shingles, and sending water into every nook and cranny.

Who should Minnesota homeowners call after a storm? Honest Exteriors

If a storm or just time has left your roof with problems like leaks, sagging, missing shingles, or other roofing issues, don’t wait! Call the roof repair experts at Honest Exteriors right away!

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