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Storm damage is one of the more stressful situations that homeowners can face. Making sure your roof is repaired correctly is vital to preventing further damage. The aftermath of a strong storm can be a mess. We’ll help prevent headaches throughout the process. We ensure you have a thorough inspection to properly document all damages for insurance providers.

If you are like most people, looking for the right roofing company to repair storm damage to your home feels stressful. This is only natural. Storm damage is a worrying event because your roof is one of the essential parts that keep your home safe and dry. However, your roof is also an expensive investment that takes work and upkeep to maintain. This makes finding a reliable, local roofing company with a solid customer reputation a vital part of repairing storm damage.

Honest Exteriors mission is to guide homeowners through the roof repair process. We work every day to give our customers a transparent assessment of the damages to make the insurance and restoration process straightforward and stress free.

It’s important to have your roof assessed for damages before leaks occur. Hail creates soft spots in the shingles that accelerate deterioration as well as voids some manufacturer’s warranties. Wind driven hail can also damage your siding by cracking or chipping it. This can lead to materials exposed to moisture causing premature aging. We are happy to work with your insurance company to ensure a smooth claims process. We utilize superior technology tools, ensuring all aspects of a claim are touched. We invest in technology which ingrains the satisfaction of our clients.

Larger claims can get complex and lengthy, throughout the claims process your project manager is available to answer your questions and meet with your adjuster to ensure all of the property damage is accounted for. We will continue working directly with you and the insurance company to ensure codes and manufacturing requirements are met.

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