3 Popular Roof Types in MN

When Minnesota homeowners need a new roof, it can be difficult to decide what type of roof is best. The key is to talk with their local trusted roofers about the most popular roof types in MN and what roofing materials will work best. For homeowners in Shakopee MN, Honest Exteriors is the roofing company that services the most popular roof types in Minnesota with the highest quality roofing materials.

What are the most popular roof types in MN?

It’s important to know this when getting a new roof or roof replacement to ensure that you’re getting the right roofing material for your type of roof. Before we get into the roof style, there are a couple terms to know:

  • Roof pitch or slope is the angle that the roof sits from the top to the outer walls. A low slope roof is flatter than a pitched roof.
  • A gable is the flat part of the exterior wall just under the roof, shaped like a triangle.
  • Dormers are windows that project out of the roof, and these usually have roofing panels as well.
    • Gable Roofs

These kinds of roofs are pitched and have gables, of course, which means these roofs have two roof sides with gables on the flat sides. Asphalt shingles are the most common material for these roofs, but metal roofing can also be a good option.

  • Hip Roofs

    Also called a hipped roof, these roofs have intersecting roof slopes on all four sides with no gables. Since these are a little more complicated, roofers recommend heavier materials like architectural shingles and special protection against leaks.

  • Flat Roofs

    With a low slope, these types of roof require different types of roofing materials like sheets made from advanced materials like thermoplastics. Flat roofing options include EPDM roofing (rubber roofing) and TPO roofing (plastic roof membranes).


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