Flat Roof / Low Slope

One of the newest types of roof available is the low slope or flat roof. In the past, flat roofs didn’t work because there was no reliable roofing material to make them waterproof, but advances in roofing technology have made flat roofs increasingly popular among commercial property owners and residential homeowners.

When you need work on your flat roof, you need a roofing company that can not only source the best flat roofing materials but also perform quality installation and takes care of repairs. Honest Exteriors is that company for communities around Minneapolis MN.

Your Flat Roof Questions Answered

  • Flat Roofing Material Options

    Roofing materials like architectural shingles and roofing panels are designed to overlap to shed water along a slope, so they simply won’t work for a roof that has low or no slope at all.

    • Modified Bitumen – This is the most traditional flat roof type, consisting of layers of asphalt (or bitumen) soaked fabric and other membranes to create a durable waterproof covering, topped with granules like asphalt shingles.
    • EPDM Roofing – This is a type of rubberized plastic that comes in sheets or rolls that are applied to the flat roof surface with heat or fasteners. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and insulating.
    • TPO Roofing – Also known as thermoplastic, this kind of flat roofing membrane is welded into a waterproof sheet with heat, making it seamless. TPO roofing can be applied over other roofing and comes in white to reflect sunlight.
  • Flat Roof Installation & Repair

    Since low slope roofs don’t easily shed water, having professional roofers install roofing membranes is so important. Professional roofers know how to apply every different types of flat roofing on all roof styles so that they completely protect your building against water, sunlight, and mold growth.

Call Honest Exteriors, Minnesota’s Flat Roofing Experts!

When it’s time to get your commercial roof or residential flat roof replaced, you know to call the Twin Cities area’s most reputable roofing company: Honest Exteriors. We’ll go over your flat roofing options with you, centering on your needs.

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