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There are many reasons why homeowners and businesses have trusted us to complete their exterior projects. While there may be a range of siding and residential roofing companies in the Carver, Hennepin, Minnetonka, and Minneapolis areas, we find our clients naturally feel we provide Integrity, professional service, great workmanship, and competitive pricing. As we offer all of these qualities to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. At Honest Exteriors, you’ll have peace of mind with the quality of materials and workmanship as this is something that we take the utmost pride in. Key reasons why people choose us as their commercial building or home exterior contractor include:

Owens Corning Williamsburg Gray and EDCO Steel Charcoal Gray

We successfully restored this beautiful home, fortifying it to withstand any storm and providing homeowners with a sense of security.

GAF Timberline Hickory

Our skilled team works diligently, replacing damaged shingles, repairing leaks, and reinforcing structural integrity.

GAF Timberline Pewter Gray

Experience the transformation as we restore storm-damaged roofs to a state of unmatched safety and quality.

GAF Timberline Pewter Gray

Experience the transformation as we restore storm-damaged roofs to a state of unparalleled safety and quality with GAF Timberline.

GAF Timberline Pewter Gray

You can count on us to turn the aftermath into a new, resilient beginning.

Owens Corning Duration Brownwood

This is another storm damage project where we take the time to meticulously plan the repair process, taking into account the type of roof, materials required, and the most efficient restoration methods. The homeowner chose Owens Corning Duration Brownwood that has greater nail pull-through and nail blow-through resistance, and better wind up-lift protection than standard roofing shingles.

Exterior Portfolio Smart Styles Aspen White

Property has old age siding and damages; we thoroughly inspect and choose the best approach to repair it so that it will last longer. We use Exterior Portfolio, which is ergonomically designed to last and can endure hurricane winds of up to 180 mph.

GAF Timberline – Pewter Gray

Our experienced team assesses the extent of damage and ensures that the repair work addresses both visible and underlying issues.

GAF Timberline Charcoal

We had a great experience working on this job because we love how
the house complements the color of the roof, we use GAF Timberline
Charcoal, which is architecturally appealing.

Owens Corning Duration Desert Rose

Reaching new heights in quality workmanship on this rooftop project, the homeowner chose Owens Corning Desert Rose that has intense color and lively contrast for a premium look.

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