St Paul Storm Damage Roof Repair Home Insurance Claim Reminder

In 2022, the Twin Cities area saw many significant thunderstorms rolling through the area. One major storm in May of 2022 pelted the St Paul MN area with large hail stones, causing serious damage to local roofs. The trusted roofers in St Paul MN, Honest Exteriors, want their local homeowners to know that there are hail damage repair services available to them, but to get the best deal, they have to act fast!

Need roof repair in St Paul MN due to storm damage? Don’t wait to file an insurance claim!

Most insurance companies allow homeowners to file a claim for roof damage within 1-2 years after a storm, but they need to have specific documentation of all the damage the storm has done. To do that, you need a professional roof inspection including photos and scope of work including all roof repairs necessary to bring the home pack to pre-loss conditions. IMPORTANT: For the home insurance plans that only allow 12 months to submit the claim, that deadline will be coming up May 2023.
Honest Exteriors specializes in professional roof inspections, and we understand how insurance companies work when it comes to roofing claims. We’re dedicated to our local clients, and we’ll help you navigate the insurance claims process in order to get your home back inot it’s original condition.. The key is to get your storm damage roof inspection quickly!

How Roof Storm Damage Occurs

While local homeowners and commercial property owners are no strangers to thunderstorms, many locals underestimate the type of damage high winds, hard rain, and hail can have on their roofing, which can lead to leaks and other issues. Strong winds can lift and peel back shingles, allowing rain to seep into the roof decking and cause water damage. Heavy rain can also lead to leaks if the roof is not properly sealed or if there are any weak spots or gaps. Hail can be especially damaging, as it can dent and crack shingles, leaving the roof vulnerable to water penetration. In severe cases, hail can even severely bruise the shingle causing water intrusion that would drain down through sheetrock in the home. It’s so important to get your roof inspection after a storm so that roofing professionals can detect all this damage so that it doesn’t worsen over time.

Storm Damage Roof Repair MN

Trust Honest Exteriors for Storm Damage Roof Repair in the Twin Cities Minnesota Area

At Honest Exteriors, we work hard to make sure our local clients have the best roofing options available to them, this includes Class 4 shingles that are more resistant to hail as well as synthetic shingles that have advanced technology and more longevity. We’ll match the look of your shingles for shingle replacement, seal up roof leaks with advanced roofing materials, and even complete roof replacements for less money and time than you think.

Is your home or business in the Twin Cities area suffering from damage from the 2022 storms? Don’t wait! Contact Honest Exteriors, St Paul’s trusted roofers, to discuss getting the best deal on roof repairs!

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