TPO Roofing

When you’re looking for the best protection for your flat roof, TPO roofing is a great choice. Thermoplastic flat roofing membranes are state of the art, lightweight, energy efficient, and economical, but they do need to be installed by the most trusted flat roofing experts in your area.

Honest Exteriors: TPO Roofing Experts in Minneapolis MN

In the Twin Cities area, Honest Exteriors is the premier roofing company with experience installing, repairing, and maintaining all different flat roofing materials such as TPO roofing. As the area’s trusted residential and commercial roofers, we can help both homeowners and business owners protect their investments with high quality flat roofing.

All About TPO Roofing for Flat Roofs

  • What is TPO Roofing?

    TPO, also known as Thermoplastic Polyolefin, is a single ply roofing membrane meaning that it is a thin layer of specialized plastic meant to be applied in a single sheet. Because it’s a single layer, TPO roofing is lightweight enough to be installed over existing roofing to add a layer of protection.

  • How are single ply flat roofing membranes installed?

    Many other flat roofing membranes like EPDM roofing are installed with fasteners, but TPO is thermoplastic, meaning it reacts to heat, so it can be installed by heat welding the sheets together.

  • Benefits of TPO Roofing Installed Over an Existing Flat Roof System

    • Superior Waterproofing – Because it creates a barrier over the whole roof surface, TPO roofing provides additional waterproofing to flat roof systems.
    • UF Resistance – Since most TPO roofing membranes are white or light colored, they reflect sunlight, reducing heat transfer from the flat roof system.
    • Energy Efficiency – This reflective layer of insulation and protection reduces energy costs by helping HVAC systems work more efficiently.
    • Cost Effective Installation – With experienced flat roofing experts on your side, you can get TPO roofing installed quickly and cheaply, compared to other flat roofing options.

Trust Honest Exteriors to Protect Your Flat Roof!

Whether you need roofing for a residential garage or a large commercial building, our experienced roofers can install as well as repair and maintain your flat roofing using only the best workmanship.

Curious if TPO roofing could work for your flat roof in Minnesota? Contact Honest Exteriors right away for a consultation!

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