Modified Bitumen

When looking for the most cost efficient and long lasting flat roofing system with a proven track record, modified bitumen roofing is a great choice both for residential garages or commercial buildings. The key to getting the best protection for flat roofs is to get the help of a trusted local roofing company.

Honest Exteriors: Flat Roofing Experts in the Twin Cities MN Area

In Minnesota communities around Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Honest Exteriors is the right roofing company for flat roofs of all kinds. We have experience with residential roofing materials like architectural shingles as well as commercial flat roof systems like modified bitumen and rubber roofing membranes. Let’s learn about modified bitumen roofing for flat roofs to see if it’s right for your property.

The Honest Exteriors Guide to Modified Bitumen Roofing for Flat Roofs

  • What is a modified bitumen flat roof made of?

    The ‘bitumen’ in the name of this flat roofing material is an asphalt emulsion that is soaked into roofing fabric to create a waterproof and fireproof roofing layer. More layers are added to create a seamless coat of protection over the flat roof surface.

  • Modified Bitumen Roof Layers

    Like other types of flat roofing systems, modified bitumen roofing is made up of layers of roofing materials. Here’s the layers for modified bitumen from bottom to top:

    • Flat roof decking
    • Asphalt emulsion base coat
    • Synthetic reinforcing fabric (fiberglass or polyester)
    • Base coat
    • Top coat
  • Advantages of Modified Bitumen Roofing

    • Durability – A modified bitumen flat roof system is very tear resistant because of the reinforcing fabric, which means they can handle foot traffic and storm debris.
    • Sun and Heat Resistance – With a light colored top layer, a modified bitumen roof is heat reflective, reducing UV rays and heat transfer.
    • Lower Energy Costs – The many layers of this kind of flat roofing are insulating. Combined with heat resistance, this makes modified bitumen roofing very energy efficient, an important feature with large commercial buildings.

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