Gable Roof

When choosing a roof type for a new home or considering roofing renovations on your existing home, the type of roof is a very important part of roofing design. One of the most if not the most common type of roof in the US is a gable roof, and it has lots of advantages.

Gable Roofs FAQ

  • What is a gable roof?

    This kind of roof is considered a pitched roof, since it has a pitch or slope. Gable roofs are made of two roof panels set at angles to let water and snow run off of them and away from the building.

  • Benefits of a Gable Roof

    This roof type offers lots of benefits to homes, including:

    • The sloped roof panels create a space underneath for attic storage and improved air circulation.
    • The slope helps materials protect the home by encouraging water and snow to flow away from the home.
    • Gables are versatile in roof design, creating different types of roof designs for a variety of home exterior looks.
    • Pitched roofs allow for installation of cost effective roofing materials like shingles.
  • Roofing Materials for Gable Roofs

    • Asphalt Shingles – Also called 3 tab shingles, traditional roof shingles offer complete protection at an economical price.
    • Architectural Shingles – Thicker, more dimensional shingles create superior protection and mimic the look of other roofing materials like wood shakes.
    • Metal Roofing – Standing seam metal roofing panels give a home with a sloped roof a modern finish while protecting against the elements.

Honest Exteriors: Trusted Roofers for Gable Roof Installations and Repairs

With years of experience with roofing and home exterior improvements all over Minnesota, the Honest Exteriors crew is uniquely suited to installing high quality roofing materials on a variety of roof styles like gable roofs, hip roofs, and even flat roofs. No matter the condition of your existing roof or your roofing needs, we can help!

Curious about if a gable roof will work on your new home? Contact us right away for a roofing consultation!

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