Roof Types

Many homeowners don’t know that their roof type influences lots of things about roofing services, including what kind of roofing materials are best. To choose the right roofing for your home, you need the help of trained roof professionals.

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With extensive experience with roof installations in the greater Twin Cities area, Honest Exteriors is the best roofing company to source and install the highest quality roofing material that’s best suited to your type of roof.

Roof Types We Service

  • Gable Roof

    Also known as a pitched roof, this type is a basic triangle with two sloped roof panels that meet in a peak and two flat ends called gables. Gable roofs are perhaps the most common roof type because they have a simple design that easily sheds water, creates attic space, and allows for ventilation.

  • Hip Roof

    A hip or hipped roof has sloped roof panels on all four sides of the building, unlike gable roofs that just have two. These slopes meet in a roofing part called a hip. They are more durable and sturdy than gable roofs, as well as well suited for areas with high winds and precipitation.

    • Roofing materials commonly used on both gable roofs and hipped roofs include:
      • Asphalt shingles
      • Architectural shingles
      • Metal roofing
  • Flat Roof

    A flat roof is exactly what it sounds like: a roof with a very low slope or no slope, making it flat. Most flat roofs are found on commercial buildings, but they are becoming more common on residential homes. Because there’s no slope to allow water to run off, they need roofing materials that cover the entire surface with a waterproof membrane.

    • Flat roofing materials include:
      • Modified bitumen
      • EPDM or rubberized roofing membranes
      • TPO (thermoplastic) roofing membranes

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